How to participate?

Companies and people willing to participate at the BWSV, can do so in different ways according to their concerns.


Teammates are an essential part for the organization of the BWSV. From the very beginning, BWSV counts with the enormous help of some companies and professionals that work at no cost throughout the year to make the event possible. If you have any products or services that you believe can add some value to the […]


The BWSV wants to generate real business opportunities. Therefore, buyers are an essential part of the congress. We are looking for companies that come to know the reality of the Special Working Centers and the large variety of products and services that they offer. At the BWSV you can find knowhow, supply, network, inspiration, etc. […]


If you are interested in sponsoring and your company does business with social responsibility, BWSV offers you the opportunity of becoming part of a project that has real and direct impact in the transformation of society. BWSV is an initiative that creates opportunities for people who have a disability or are in risk of social […]