What is it?

Business with Social Value was born to generate real business opportunities between companies and Special Working Centers with the purpose of positively discriminate the acquisition of products and services towards Social Entities. Thus, companies will contribute to the economical sustainability of Special Working Centers, while adding value at the same time.

Business with Social Value (BWSV) is a solidary initiative that aims to generate real possibilities of hiring competitive businesses with social impact. Our goal is to collaborate with nonprofit entities that hire people with disabilities or in risk of social exclusion so they can obtain the required resources to accomplish their objectives and the wellbeing of individuals.



At the BWSV we generate real business opportunities between public and private enterprises, and Special Working Centers and Nonprofit Companies. In this meeting, we contribute to identify the Special Working Centers and Nonprofit Companies as part of the marketplace. Enterprises that buy their products or services are contributing to their social sustainability. BWSV annual meeting:

  • Displays a wide supply of social suppliers.
  • Presents a large variety of Social Arguments is presented through speeches given by local, national, or international Social Innovators.
  • It is a meeting point for all companies and people who share social values

The meeting is organized by a nonprofit organization itself.

The main objective of the BWSV is to contribute to the visibility of Social Enterprises – those who have more than 70% of their workers with a disability – as part of a competitive economic sector and market.

In addition, the BWSV wants to underline the premium attribute of social marketing of the enterprises that participate in the event. These companies, while doing business with the Special Working Centers, are becoming more human and compromised with society.

This action pretends to foster doing business with nonprofit organizations that integrate people with disabilities, adding social value to these transactions and giving visibility and compromise throughout the brand Business with Social Value.



BWSV is an initiative taken by http://www.icaria.biz (Icaria Iniciatives Socials, S.A.L., nonprofit organization).